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Lymphatic circulation and Lymphatic drainage are an essential element in health

The lymphatic system provides the secondary circulation of the body.   The lymphatic system bathes the "in-between" spaces of the body in fluid.  This fluid comes naturally exits the veins and arteries, provides nutrients to cells and tissues and then is drained back into the lymphatic system.  

"Lymphatics are the next frontier of discovery in human diseases. Long-ignored because of their subtlety and complexity"

Mehmet Oz  MD

Injury, illness, allergies, infection and the stress of modern life all have an effect on the Lymphatic system of the body. Blockages or stagnation in this system can lead to feelings of fatigue, achy soreness, or just flu-ish feeling.  Lymphatic drainage massage is effective at moving stuck fluid through this secondary circulatory system of the body and restoring lymphatic function. 

Stress and pain

The Vodder method is very light touch massage.  It soothes the nervous system and is very relaxing both mentally and physically. This helps to improve sleep as well as lessen anxiety and depression.  It is so relaxing in fact that patients often fall asleep during a session.

Resolving Swelling and Edema

There are many causes of swelling; injury, surgery or conditions such as Sinusitis, Chronic ear infections  or Fibromyalgia.  A few other common applications of the Vodder technique are:

  • After cancer treatment
  • Before or after plastic surgery
  • Relief of symptoms of a knee injury such as a meniscus tear
  • Relief of swelling after an ankle sprain

The Vodder method used in conjunction with medical management it is an effective treatment for Lymphedema. Lymphedema is the chronic retention of fluid in the lymphatic system which commonly occurs after surgeries where lymph nodes are removed. 

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