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Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Pre and Post Surgical

Lymphatic Drainage Massage provides many benefits both  before and/or after surgery.  Lymphatic drainage promotes and accelerates tissue healing reducing or minimizing scar tissue and adhesion formation.   Depending on the surgery, and of course surgeon recommendations,  treatment can begin as early as 24 hrs after surgery.  
After surgery the lymphatic channels are very different.  They are commonly very congested.  This congestion is the primary contributor to the full or swollen feeling common after surgery.  Research has shown that it takes up to  ten days for the natural circulatory function of the lymphatic vessels to be re-established post surgery.  Applying lymphatic drainage either before or after surgery is an excellent way prevent or minimize edema and/or swelling at the surgical site and accelerate the re-start of normal  lymphatic circulation.

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